Saturday, 9 August 2014

Still here... still rather odd and in need of a hair brush...

I know. I know, I know, I know. Am a TERRIBLE blogger.

We're just back from a week's holiday, if you can describe a week of chronic sleep deprivation and constant child-watching-for-fear-they-would-run-into-the-sea-and-never-return as a holiday. Restful, it was not, but the kids loved it, the sun shone... and most of my skin is now peeling off as a result of said sunshine, which is a delightful mental image for you all. (This was after THREE applications of factor 50 every single day. There is no helping people like me.)

Jamie and Beth continued, despite the sleep deprivation, to provide on tap entertainment. Perhaps my very favourite moment of the week came courtesy of the brilliant - and terrifying - mind of Mr Jamie. Enjoy.

'Mummy, I love baby Will.' (His year old cousin, also on holiday with us.) 'I love him so much.'

'Good. I'm glad.'

'I love him... and I love baby Theo as well.' (The son of one of his school friends.)

'You are far more maternal than I will ever be.'

'Mummy, when I grow up I think I am going to marry baby Will and baby Theo.'

My face clearly showed what I thought of THAT plan.

'Oh, no. I can't do that, can I?'

'Relief. No, you absolutely cannot.'

'No, because you can't marry two people can you? Not in this country...'

So that's the major issue here, Mr Jamie. Not the marrying of babies. Not the marrying of family members. Not even the marrying of boys (which, clearly, I have no issue with, but Mr Jamie's desire for 'ten hundred' children suggests a lady is going to need to be involved at some point). It's the marrying of two people at the same time which is stopping you from ploughing ahead with this plan.

If he tells me he's moving abroad soon, I am going to need to start to really worry.


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