Monday, 1 August 2016

Of Facebook

So, first off, apologies for my week's absence. I went on holiday, but was obviously not desperate to advertise that to the many random people out there on the internet. Nor could I fit my laptop into my suitcase, 'packing light' most definitely not being one of my strengths.

While I was away, however, I discovered the magic of BLOGGING VIA FACEBOOK. There are a number of reasons this is excellent:

1) I can do it from my phone and not end up hurling the device across the room out of sheer frustration. (Yes, Blogger mobile platform, I'm talking to you.)

2) I can lazily write much shorter posts and still look like I've made an effort.

3) Instant feedback via the joy of the 'like' button. My ego fucking LOVES the like button. (If Facebook ever invents a 'dislike' button it may be a different story.)

And so... I'm experimenting with a brief hiatus blogging over there. If you haven't already joined the madness, please do. I am so self obsessed these days that the endorphin rush I get when a new follower comes along is UNREAL.

To find IKINTST on Facebook... head on over here. There is even more swearing (if such a thing were possible), even more nudity and even more of my children being absolutely barking mad. Would love it if you came and joined us :-)

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